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2012 Forecast

Looking back at 2011, there are so many trends and memories, but luckily those have faded and are far behind us.  I, for one, regret having to remember many of the fads that came and passed over the course of the year; I regret taking part in them even more. If you’re like me, feathers in your hair and aspirations to be a grungy-hippy-love-child filled your every outfit decision.  But that’s only because I’m a girl. Guys had their trends too – although they’re always more discreet about them.  If you looked around, most guys were going for a more nautical feel, and fixated on Sperry Topsiders. The music and movie industry throughout 2011 was also very successful – just as is the forecast for 2012.

2012 will also be a year to remember (or not, since some people are expecting the world to be over in December). 2011 went by really fast for me as a senior sending in college applications, writing a million supplements for each school, and balancing an AP class and an Honors course, the last few months of 2011 didn’t last long enough, and neither did Summer. But, honestly, does it ever?

This year will be a year of Blockbusters. From the last of the trilogy, “Batman: The Dark Knight” Rises, to “The Hunger Games,” and the one I’m most excited for – “The Great Gatsby.” This year is definitely a year full of movies to anticipate. There are also a few smaller films that seem really interesting; “The Act of Valor,” which comes to theaters February 24, is based on a true Naval mission and stars active-duty SEALS, which could be extremely interesting, but only if the lifestyle and story is carefully and artistically displayed. But the movies don’t end there – near the end of this year, we are also to expect another modern classic: “Paranormal Activity 4.”

The lineup for 2011’s debut artists, was nothing but star-studded. 2011 featured artists like Adele, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Drake, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber, to name some stand-outs among the list. Justin Bieber debuted his first Christmas album last December and his single “Under the Mistletoe” became an instant classic when it was played dozens of times on Kost 103.5 – a local Christmas station. In the warmer months, Katy Perry released a feel-good and sticky-sweet Summer album jam packed with girl power anthems and fun loving pop songs. As for 2012, the only stand-outs among the expected album releases are Taylor Swift (finally!), Nicki Minaj, and Willow Smith. I will whip my hair back and forth all the way to Best Buy to buy a hard copy of Ms. Willow Smith’s debut album. And as for Taylor Swift, I’ve been patiently waiting for some new twangy, pop-like songs to belt out when I’m driving home alone at night.

But, without a doubt, the most anticipated event of 2012 is the end of the world. According to the many interpretations of the Mayan calendar – which has thus far been accurate – this year will mysteriously end in December because the calendar ends, also. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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