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A Student’s Guide to Finals

I know we are all aware of the looming depression during this time of year. Yes, I am talking about finals. The stresses are becoming more and more prevalent, especially for the freshmen in their first semester of high school. Finals can be a little overwhelming, as we all know, but  do not fret underclassmen! The older students have your back and are here to help your finals go as smoothly as possible. The veterans of finals, the seniors, are approaching their second to last semester finals of high school and know how to navigate these exams like the back of their hands.

Take Christina White, for example, the senior class president of Pacifica Christian. She notes that she is “not really stressed,” about her 3 finals this year. White suggests that the students in Comer’s theology classes “find a way to categorize the topics well,” because if you do so “the oral final can actually be fun!”  She also encourages students to meet with their teachers for the subjects that they need the most help in. White is most concerned with her with her math final so she has planned to “meet with Mr. Benedetto to ensure success on the final.”

So in the end, here is the best advice for acing finals: don’t stress because we have all been through this before and are sure that you can get through it. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher or even other students for a little extra help. The great thing about Pacifica is that we are a family that wants to see everyone succeed. Don’t be  nervous to ask for help.

Don’t overwhelm yourself! Use your time wisely and get work done, and you will be fine, but at the same time, a little stress is healthy and can help you succeed. Finals are not the end of the world so don’t treat them as if they are. As a school, we will get through it and be able to enjoy our winter break and holiday season.

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