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And the Winner Is…

UPDATED April 27, 2012:

Associated Students Election Results, 2012

Student Body President – Genevieve Hook
Student Body Vice President – Kiani Lane
Senior Class President – Kennedy Ellis
Junior Class President – Helah Workneh
Sophomore Class President – Breena Berck
Freshman Class President – TBD

All School Retreat/Triple M Chair – Avery Etuk and Anthony Mitchell
Campus Life Chair – Victoria Villa
Harvest Festival Chair – Merryck Dickerson
Homecoming Chair – Emilie Skoog
Mr. Pacifica/Powder Puff Chair – Erin Machado
Prom Chair – Lexi Barrow
Recognition/Awareness Chair – Lindsey Knight
Members at Large – Connor Gearin and Auste Eigirdas

Head Prefect – Emily Shiever
Academic Prefect – Kaylynn Parks
Admissions Prefect – Marcus Rosen and Tess Hilliard
Athletic Prefect – Mellat Yilma
College Counseling Prefect – Kevin Cory
Service Prefect – TBD
Spiritual Life Prefect 11th-12th – Lisa Adams
Spiritual Life Prefect 9th-10th – Bella Heshmatpour
VPA Prefect – Amber Berck and Graeme Belzer


Although most people have Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the brain, Pacifica students have their own elections to worry about. On April 19th, the final candidates were confirmed for sophomore, junior, and senior class presidents, as well as ASB President and Vice President.
And nominees are…

Sophomore Class President
Breena Berck (unopposed)

Junior Class President
Auste Eigirdas
Helah Workneh

Senior Class President
Kennedy Ellis (unopposed)

ASB Vice President
Conner Gearin
Kiani Lane

ASB President
Avery Etuk
Genevieve Hook

The competition for Associated Students’ Vice President and President is tough and they’ll need more than just a clever slogan to win this election. Now, the halls are filled with campaign posters, nominees are frantically making buttons and stickers, and the whole student body is awaiting their speeches to be presented on Wednesday, April 25th. Even those who are running unopposed have made a large effort to show their peers all they have to bring to Pacifica in 2013. There’s even a student who just wants to be your friend. In a meeting with the candidates, Mr. Knight announced that there will be a smaller ASB next year with a cap of around 15-17 opposed to the current 25-30. Current President, Genevieve Hook (who is also hoping to be re-elected this year), believes this will bring positive changes. “Being in student government is a big commitment and I’ve really enjoyed it this year. I’ve heard about all the people running for a position and I can see any of them being a good choice. Either way the vote goes, ASB will be in good hands next year.”

Election Day will be quite the sight and the votes could swing either way. My advice to everyone is to carefully listen to each speech and then take into consideration the student’s leadership skills. Make sure that next year you will still be happy to say you voted for them. Put all friendships and associations aside and vote for the candidate you can see representing you and Pacifica next year.

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