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Anyone Can Whistle: Recap

Every year Pacifica puts on its very own musical, but Pacifica’s musicals are not your ordinary high school musicals. Anyone Can Whistle proved that fact with its quirks and large cast. The musical itself is one that is rarely put on, deeming it Pacifica worthy as we have performed shows such as The Drowsy Chaperone and the Misanthrope, and not the typical Annie or The Wizard of Oz. 2015’s musical proved to be quite unique.

With leads like Karli Jo List, Monty Minchin, Chontel Shoats, and Devon Lizardi, this year’s musical was bound for success from the beginning. It didn’t take a miracle for them to get into character and convey the insanity of corrupt town leaders, a nurse for the insane, and an actual inmate. All actors performed to their best and made this run-down, crazy town come alive. What did take a miracle was the building of one of Pacifica’s most complicated and detailed sets.

It seems as though Pacifica’s sets get more complicated as the years go by. Last year’s Millie set incorporated 14ft murals that were hand-painted and this year’s set had an actual miracle happening on stage. But because of Mr. Balsley, Jeff Porter, and Jonathan Sims, Ms. Lillian, and their (literal) midnight elves, the set came up quickly and went down even faster on closing night.

With the largest cast and stage in Pacifica history, the actors of Anyone Can Whistle began rehearsing right after winter break up until opening night late March. They had to learn lyrics with the help of Mr. Redfield and incredible choreography courtesy of the wonderful Ms. Lillian. The grand size of the cast didn’t make this task easy, but the actors pulled through and seamlessly performed intricate songs like Simple on stage, making all of that wild dancing and singing seem easy.


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