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Apple’s “Phablet” Setting a New High

As predicted, the IPhone 6’s sales were through the roof, selling 10 million phones in the first 3 days of release, breaking its own record for sales in the first weekend (the IPhone 5S sold 9 million in the first 3 days). In terms of new features, Apple has made everything bigger and faster. The new 5.5 inch screen on the 6 plus is the biggest the iPhone has ever been.

The IPhone 6’s new “phablet” idea is actually very much old news. The Samsung Galaxy Note in 2012 had a very similar design to it as the IPhone 6, and some people say that Apple is just simply copying and pasting Samsung’s phablet idea.

Still, there are a lot of new and interesting things that Apple has brought to the table with the IPhone 6. For example, the new Health App, which allows you to set up an entire workout plan just from your phone. Also, the Apple Pay App brings new light into paying for various items. Now you can save all of your credit cards onto your phone and pay with that, which means no more stressing if you leave your wallet at home.

Sure, Apple may be late to the party on the whole “Phablet” idea. However, Samsung fans cannot deny all of the new features that the IPhone 6 brings which makes it a little bit different than the Note. No matter the case, Samsung fans will have a strong claim that the Phablet idea was initially theirs, and they are correct in design, but with all the new features and better processing systems and battery life, The IPhone 6 is a far more unique phone than we can imagine.

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