Athletics Opinion — January 15, 2015 by Andrew Slate
Buckeyes Win Makes a Statement

Now that it’s all over, it’s quite clear to me that the inaugural college football playoff was nothing short of an absolute success. Obviously if you are an Oregon/Florida State/Alabama fan, calling what transpired an “absolute success” is definitely not your first notion, but let’s take a look at the bigger picture here.

College football has been around since 1869, and it took all the way up until the 1998 season for the two highest ranked teams to play each other at the end of the year to define college football’s champion for that season. This system which lasted for 16 years was known as the “Bowl Championship Series.” Although this was an upgrade from the previous way of determining a champion, which was that whoever finished the season ranked #1 was given the title, a problem still remained.

During many of the 16 seasons under the BCS format, there was much dispute over the two teams selected for the championship game. For example, in 2007 the championship game was played between Ohio State and a two loss LSU team, and even though LSU won the game, there was still much dispute over whether or not they deserved to be in the game in the first place.

With the new, expanded 4 team playoff, there will be much less dispute over who truly was the best team. This year, with the #4 seed Ohio State beating the #1 seed Alabama and then beating the #2 seed Oregon for the title, there is no dispute that they were truly the best team in America. Add that in with a huge increase in T.V. ratings and the most watched college football Championship game ever, and that’s an absolute success.


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