On Campus — October 10, 2014 by Tommy Villalobos
Club Rush: A Freshman’s Perspective

As the school year progresses, new and old clubs presented at this years Club Rush at Pacifica. Club Rush, for those of you who don’t know, is when clubs present themselves to the student body to gain new members. It is a time for the student body to become more engaged in school activities, to explore new hobbies, and to find something they are passionate about.

Many of the clubs each year are started by freshmen.One of these clubs is the Current Events club started by Michael Raphael. The Current Events club is dedicated to becoming informed about current events happening in the world today. They discuss topics such as: world and national news, finance, politics, sports, and American culture.

When I was at Club Rush, I was surprised by the energy and effort students put into their clubs. The presenters for the individual clubs were incredibly passionate in advertising their clubs. Some clubs that were present include: the Hockey club, the Videogame club, the Robotics club, and the Asian heritage club. These clubs were all organized, had good advertising, and were open to all. The frenzy to recruit new club members allows Club Rush to showcase how involved the student body here at Pacifica is when it comes to school events. Overall, I enjoyed Club Rush and it instilled in me the sense of family here at Pacifica.

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