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College Right Around the Corner

Monday, March 19, freshmen, sophomores and their parents set aside time to listen, learn, think, and strategize about their future academic careers. With an hour and a half presentation from college counselor Mr. Hovis and a Revolution Prep. representative, students and parents went home with a better grasp of how to approach challenging classes like APs, honors, and of course the importance of the GPA, monstrous SAT and ACT, college applications, and how they are all weighted by colleges.

Mr. Hovis began stressing the point that if challenging classes will severely affect a student’s GPA, they are better off taking easier classes to preserve their GPA. When selecting classes, one must take into consideration the various other academic and extracurricular commitments they have. Students who sign up for too many things must realize studying will be made into a smaller fraction on their pie chart of time.

Regarding the SAT and ACT, which are interchangeable for many college admissions, the Revolution Prep. representative recommended the freshman and sophomores start studying the pros and cons of taking either test according to their academic abilities. A common problem teens have taking the ACT is the fast-paced work it demands. It is shorter and has fewer sections than the SAT, but it is equally as challenging, hence the reason why most colleges accept either one.

On college applications, they will ask you how you utilized your summer. Sitting back, watching T.V., and enjoying the summer sun at the beach is fun, but these are not exemplary models of the character for which colleges are looking. Mrs. Silva came to the podium with numerous brochures to discuss the topic of summer plans. Students can study anything from starfish in Long Beach to the chemistry of fireworks.

Whatever it is underclassman are doing to do to prepare themselves for the challenges of applying to high school, it is smart to start thinking NOW. It won’t be long before all this college stuff becomes more and more real; you will want to be prepared.

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