On Campus — May 01, 2015 by Emma Register
Freshman College Trip: USC

Every freshman boarded the bus on Monday morning with excitement for their first college tour at Pacifica as they head to the home of the Trojans. The University of Southern California holds a special place in Pacifica’s heart since there are currently three alums studying there now. The Class of 2018 is gearing up for the college process and attending a tour at USC is one of those necessary steps that a Pacifican must take to open the door to a wide variety of different colleges.

With Pacifica’s strong emphasis on preparing their students for college, it is no surprise that the college process begins freshman year. Senior Natalie Rodriguez remarks that “looking at colleges as a freshman really allowed me to see what college was the right fit for me.” The same reactions were the same for the freshman: “It was a really good experience, to see the school, to know what to expect in 4 years from college.”

The freshmen as a whole raved about USC and its campus, academics, and people. Some things in particular that stood out were the film school, the strong school traditions, and how clean the campus was. Even freshman Tommy Villalobos highlights:  “It was really cool to see the Heisman Trophies and be able to experience the Athletic history that the school has.”

All in all,l the freshman trip to USC gave the freshmen their first feeling of college. Now they must wait until Junior year when the whole college process picks up at a rapid speed but, with the class of 2018 getting the idea of what college they prefer, a bit of the stress that hits them will be alleviated.

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