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From Sizzling Heat to Overcast Clouds, the Lady Seawolves Push Through

In history, many of the best all around teams had rough beginnings or losing streaks regardless of their great skills or the amount of marquee players. Every team will eventually have that humbling moment when they see their imperfections and realize what needs to be fixed before the end of the season. Despite the transient disheartening feeling after a bad loss, players and coaches never just throw in the towel because, with hard work and determination, anything can happen. The Pacifica girls softball team opened up their season with an unremarkable loss against Faith Baptist, Contenders at 12-1, but in true Seawolf fashion they rose to the occasion and won their next two games with ease against the St. Bernards’ Vikings and Buckley’s Griffins.

In the opening game on March 12th, the Lady Seawolves travelled to the stifling hot Valley to play the top team in their division, Faith Baptist. With no expectations or history on which to judge upon, the girls went into the game with high hopes. The first inning displayed their talent with sophomore, Emma Miller at the pitcher’s mound and Hailey Ennis catching, striking out two players and proceeding with freshman, Kate Miller scoring their first run. The next inning, however, was not as promising as in 90 degree weather the Contenders scored 10 runs against the Seawolves. After the game, Coach Dolan sat the girls down and explained how the loss can only be a learning experience but by their next match up with Faith Baptist, they will be more prepared. The girls walked with their heads high and looking forward to their next game on Monday, March 15, versus the St. Bernards’ Vikings.

With cool overcast weather in Westchester, California the Seawolves were more than ready to gain their respect with a win. Coach Dolan was armed and ready for the Vikings with his two pitchers, Emma and Chandler. He even switched up the positions with sophomore, Wolanda Flowers in left field, junior, Noemi Mejia at second base, and Spencer Dolan at shortstop. This changeup proved to be effective as the Seawolves stole the win with a score of 7-0. Admiring their progress, Coach Dolan congratulated the girls but still focused on the progress yet to be made.

The girls then matched up with another top team in their league on March 18th, at the Buckley School. Although weary from so many away games, the new team wanted to prove not only to their school but also to themselves that they will indeed be a force to be reckoned with this season. Keeping with the same line up, the game started off promising but the Griffins fought head to head with the Seawolves. By the fourth inning, the score was 7-7 and either team could have the upperhand. The Lady Seawolves however proved their stamina and refused to let Buckley score one more run for the last four innings. They passed home plate 8 more times. The game finished with a score of 15-7. Coach Dolan and the girls couldn’t have been more thrilled. This win brought their ranking up to the 3rd spot in the Liberty League.

With two wins already under their belt, the underdog team hopes to continue their winning streak at their next matchup against the Santa Clarita Christian Cardinals. Finally, they have a home game right around the on the corner of Ocean blvd. and 25th street at Clover Park in Santa Monica at 3:15pm on Wednesday, March 20th. So, if you’d like to witness history in the making with Pacifica’s first softball team, come out and support!

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