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Girls Varsity Volleyball Defeat CIF Rival Again

During the 2013 CIF final game in division 4AA, Pacifica’s girls varsity volleyball team secures the championship with a crushing stuff block by then middle hitter, Shannon Volpis. What many in the crowd did not know on that elated day was the history behind the rivalry between Pacifica Christian and Laguna Blanca.

Weeks before the beginning of CIF, the girls varsity volleyball team travelled to Santa Barbara to play what would be a fateful game against “The Owls.” The game was a painful defeat for the Seawolves, there was not a point during the game in which they were ahead. Laguna Blanca won in 3 matches, the minimum amount to ensure victory. Not only was the utter defeat harmful on the girls’ spirits, but the home team’s crowd was rowdy and had no guilt shaming and insulting the Pacifica players after the game was finished, even pushing two members of the team to the point of tears. The Seawolves left Santa Barbara angered, upset, and disappointed in themselves.

After multiple games of astonishing victories, the lady wolves found themselves in the CIF finals, and their opponent of course, the Laguna Blanca Owls.  While Pacifica’s girls varsity team prepared to step up and seize the opportunity to redeem themselves, Laguna Blanca’s team members and coach were heard doting about how the game would be an easy one, and that they would certainly be the CIF champions. They were wrong. Pacifica pushed through every play with determination and truly proved that they were the more worthy team. The opponents setter famously exclaimed “this isn’t supposed to be happening!” Needless to say, victory had never tasted so good for the Seawolves, especially with the CIF championships tucked under their belts.

Now that the varsity volleyball has lost 5 players from the triumphant 2013-14 team, including Mellat Yilma, Shannon Volpis, Jenai King, Kaylee Glenney, and Grace Minchin, there has been an ominously looming question of whether the new Seawolves can be just as successful.

The Seawolves proved that they will indeed have yet another triumphant season, after conquering  Laguna Blanca yet again, at the Cate Tournament on September 27. After a slow and unsatisfactory start to the day, the Seawolves were unsure of whether they could step up to defeat the Owls yet again. The previous two matches had been quite slow, and full of unforced errors. The girls did not seem to connect on the court and the feeling of discontent was evident.

However, after a much needed lunch break, the girls were able to calm and collect themselves. When the whistle blew to start the match, it was like a different team was on the court. The girls who practice almost 12 hours a week were present; the team who does extra conditioning with Coach Shaw was present; the players who have a fiery passion for winning were present and ready to prove that the Seawolf is fiercer than an owl, and they did indeed.

The girl’s varsity team defeated Laguna Blanca in 3 matches, and went on to beat Sante Inez in the playoffs as well.  The Seawolves may have lost 5 key players, but victory is still in the air for the lady wolves.

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