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Goodbye Seniors

For seniors, these next two weeks are their last. They have reached the pinnacle of senioritis. They’ve started to bring out their summer clothes. Perhaps they’ve started packing for college. Or they might just be finding the right outfit for graduation. Some are preparing for Polemikon and most are counting down the days until June 12. Seniors are leaving in two weeks, and they’re more than ready to go.

With so few assignments and expectations left, seniors are ready to pack up and leave. Some wonder why they even come to school anymore; all of their AP classes have turned into either breakfast outings or advisories. It’s rough to wake up everyday only to come to see equally lethargic friends and teachers. And yes, the teachers are ready to start summer too.

Seniors aren’t just ready to graduate and enjoy the warm months of summer, they’re eager to leave for college too. All of the stress of applying is gone. All of the studying and taking SATs, ACTs, and APs is over. There are no more interviews to prepare for; there are no more stressful meetings with Mr. Lah. No, there’s only 9 more days of school and seniors finals left.

I’ve asked some of my friends to explain this feeling of completion. Senior Lindsey Knight and soon-to-be freshman at UCLA says that she “feels like [her] time at Pacifica is ready to come to an end. It’s a good feeling. [She] feel[s] like [she’s] finished, like happily graduating. It does feel complete, and [I] feel complete closure, and that’s reassuring especially with the fact that we’re all leaving for college soon and that’s so unknown.”

Seniors are ready. We only have Polemikon, senior finals, grad-night, and graduation left. There’s no more homework, and no more AP tests. We can rest easy until school picks up again in August. However, the anticipation and nerves are more than enough to keep us all busy.

We still have to sort out our life and pack it up to move wherever our colleges are taking us. We have to say goodbye to parents and friends. However much lethargy we’re filled with now, there’s an equal amount of excitement. Lindsey is “excited for college. It’s so cool how we all leave home and start our adult lives in practically August. [she’s] living on campus and basically starting a new life. But [she] feel okay because UCLA is close to home.”

It’s scary to pack up and move away from home but most of the class of 2015 are facing this challenge head on. Lindsey says that she’s “afraid but more excited than anything else. [She’s] sad to leave all of [her] friends and nervous to make all new ones. But [she] thinks that it’s probably good for [her] to do that now. [She’s] just really ready to start college now.”

Mos of the seniors are like Lindsey. With leaving high school comes nerves but also excitement. So say goodbye to seniors next Friday because they’re ready to say goodbye too.

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