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Groundwork: The New Starbucks?

Most people are familiar with the Starbucks phenomenon that captivates today’s society, but fewer people are informed about a lesser known yet just as delicious organic tea and coffee shop called Groundwork. There are a handful of shops located in the LA area including shops on Montana Avenue and Main Street. With their delicious drinks and adorable shops, this business is deserving of far more attention.

Just like Starbucks, Groundwork offers delicious holiday drinks as well as their year round refreshments. They have the well-loved pumpkin spice and a holiday blend to fulfill everyone’s festive desires. Not only do they have delicious holiday drinks, but they also offer decadent fresh pastries such as pumpkin bread, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. That’s something you don’t get at your average coffee shop.

As for the Groundwork year round options, they have a plethora of different blends and latte choices. Some of their most popular coffees include Angel City, Black Gold, and Venice Blend which can all be purchased on their website so they can be enjoyed at home. They also have a lovely chai latte. If you are a little tired of Starbucks’s super sweet drink, go ahead and give this one a try. It is less sweet yet still satisfies. Something a little different that they have is a Mexican hot chocolate. This drink isn’t just your average hot chocolate. It is a blend of delicious cocoa and some delicious spices. They have a multitude of other drinks that are definitely worth the time and money.

Not only are the drinks delicious, but the atmosphere can’t be beat. The free WiFi enables customers to work in the shop accompanied by a lovely drink, and the service and employees are incredible. The workers are extremely kind and excited about the drinks that they serve. Go ahead and give this place a try. It might even beat out Starbucks as a new favorite coffee joint.

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