Opinion — February 28, 2014 by Christina White
Happy Holidays are Every Day!

I have a problem with my calendar, it didn’t tell me about all the truly awesome holidays that happen everyday. Seriously, we observe things like Groundhog day but not Winnie the Pooh day. I think a the cuddly bear eating honey is way more fun and exciting than a groundhog coming out of the ground. Think about the possibilities of Winnie the Pooh day. We could all wear red t-shirts and eat honey for the fun of it, we could say “ah bother” when things go wrong, and enjoy the day as if we were in the 100 Acre Woods. Wouldn’t you want to have a friend named Piglet just for a day? Groundhog day doesn’t even come close, all you could do is play peek-a-boo with your shadow in the hopes that it’s even there for you to play with. That’s no fun!

For the practical people out there, they have reminder holidays. Send a Card to a Friend Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, they even have Walking the Dog Day these are beneficial reminders, why are these not on the calendar? I mean there’s a holiday for everyone out there. If you’re a junk food junkie June 21st is National Junk Food Day, mark it! “I’m lactose intolerant” got you covered, take off from work on “Cow Appreciation Day” tell them you’re in utter despair and can’t come in today. “But I’m on a diet”, no problem May 6th, No Diet day, but let’s be real that’s like everyday. There’s too much good food in the world for you to diet. “I can’t” yes you can Eat What You Want day is shortly after that.

See how much more fun and exciting these holidays are in comparison to the holidays we normally celebrate. I feel bad, these holidays are under appreciated and there needs to be more awareness brought about for these holidays. Of course this would be hard to do because there’s a different holiday everyday, but there’s no harm in celebrating on your own or with a group of friends. In fact I think its even more fun that way because it can be a tradition amongst you and your friends.

So here’s my challenge to you all, go to the “Holiday Insights” website, choose some holidays, there are a lot, and celebrate them at your hearts desire! If anyone asks show them the holiday from the website, each day has a short blurb as to how it became a holiday. So for my Starbucks and Coffee Bean drinkers enjoy Frappe Day, don’t forget to hug your friends of Hug Day, and by all means thank the mailman on Thank a Mailman Day, he deserves it!

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