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How Much Netflix is Too Much?

Do you ever feel like escaping into hours of movies and TV? If this sounds like something you like to do, then you are definitely a fan of Netflix. But how much is too much? With tons of TV shows with entire seasons readily available, the accessibility makes it hard to stop.

You start out by clicking on a random show that you have heard good things about. The first episode is usually a little slower than the rest but something about it sparks your interest. Then you think to yourself, why not? You have another 42 minutes to spare, so you end up watching the second episode. Now that you’re familiar with the characters, you become hooked. Every cliffhanger leaves you wanting more and you won’t be satisfied until you stream the next episode. This is the first reason that leads to binge watching.

The Atlantic refers to binge watching, as watching more than 4 episodes in a row. Surprisingly, more and more people are beginning to watch one episode after another, without any breaks. There are two main reasons why people binge-watch more than 4 episodes. The second reason that binge watching becoming popular is that people simply dedicate entire weekends, breaks, or lazy days to catching up on a lengthy number of episodes, and make it an event by themselves.

Vacation breaks, especially for teenagers are the best time to plan out a binge-session. It is a good amount of time where students have no responsibilities of waking up early for school, and they don’t have loads of homework to turn in the next day. Having no school means that you can stay up until like 3 or 4 in the morning and sleep in until 11 or 12 in the afternoon. There is no specific reason why students love to waste hours of sleep during breaks, but since they can, they will.

There is a point where binge-watching on Netflix isn’t healthy because sleep is needed and when you are depriving yourself of that sleep, there is no doubt that it can become unhealthy because humans need sleep in order to function. The general rule for binge-watching is for it to be enjoyable and relaxing, instead of becoming addicting. If students want to binge-watch TV during break, that is very reasonable, but when it comes to the point of wasting sleep during school hours and when Netflix becomes a priority, that is the point where you need to stop. Binge watching televisions shows on Netflix is great, because they are readily available, but moderation is key.

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