Opinion — March 21, 2013 by Troy Kaneshiro
How to Survive Early Morning Class

Most people say that it isn’t pleasant to wake up earlier to go to an early morning class and i think that everyone can agree on that, but in reality it is not that bad. An early morning class is normally at 7 o’clock in the morning which for someone like me who already shows up at 7:30 is not that big of a deal and probably the hardest part is getting out of bed to get ready.

A key ideal to help survive early morning classes is to endure. Endure through how tired one might feel or how hungry they may be from not eating breakfast and really lock in to the lesson because ultimately the teachers are still teaching and they expect you to know the knowledge that they are giving you. Just think of them as a warm up to the actual school day where you get your mind out of sleeping and into study mode. The teachers are just as tired as you are and they know how you feel so just push through the morning class.

One possible way to help combat tiredness is sleeping earlier and drinking drinks with high amounts of caffeine. I am not sure about the second of the two because i have never done that, but feel free to try it as some of the students always have a cup of Starbucks in their hands as they walk into the classroom.

In the end the best way to survive an early morning class is up to the individual and what will best benefit them.

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