Arts & Entertainment On Campus — May 19, 2015 by Sofia Rasmussen

i.Sight, a visual and performing arts collaboration at Pacifica, is quickly approaching. The event is set to take place starting on May 28th and go through the 30th. We recently spoke with Lilly Boland, a Pacifica senior and one of the producers of this year’s show.  She explained that i.Sight is “a collection of all the arts in one show.” The showcase includes “a gallery and a stage” to incorporate all of the arts.

Some of the performances will include interpretive dance, original songs, instrumental pieces accompanied by a dance and original films form the the Screen film festival. Another interesting thing about i.Sight is that everything “has to be original.” There are no covers of songs or dances allowed. This is Lilly’s second year as a producer. Her job along with the other producers is to “organize the gallery, design the set and make sure everything is running” smoothly. They are also in charge of announcing and advertising the event to Pacifica students and faculty. i.Sight is a long process and it will be exciting to to see the finished gallery and show.





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