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Important Announcement: Change in Prom Location

Who needs the Victorian mansion when Pacifica students can attend prom in our very own gym?

That’s right, everyone, the Prom Committee has decided to change locations! As if this news isn’t already exciting enough, they say that with the money they save from changing locations, the committee will be able to get a chocolate fountain. Why? Everyone loves chocolate!

Co-Prom Committee chairwoman, Pooja Singh, delightfully shares: “We all thought that a chocolate fountain was way more important than a fancy ballroom. Besides, hosting prom here is a great way to show school spirit! Go Seawolves!”

As another way to show this spirit, the committee has also altered the dress code: blue and green only! Luckily for the prom-going upperclassmen, both colors are very flattering on boys and girls alike. On this matter, another prom chairwoman, Liz Hook, says “it provides a perfect way to match with your date, and your entire class as well! The dance floor will be like a sea of blue and green…see what I did there?”

Perhaps the only downside to this change is that the school gym is too small to hold all the Pacifica students as well as their guests; therefore, bringing guests from outside of school will no longer be allowed. The decision has been finalized, so there can be no further changes. On a happier note, the gym will be decorated wall-to-wall in streamers and balloons, all green and blue. This year’s prom is going to be festive and bright, just like Pacifica’s junior and senior classes.


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