News Opinion — February 11, 2015 by Nick Linfesty
ISIL at Work: 2015

Since January 1, ISIL has been hard at work wreaking havoc across the Middle East. It took only five days into the new year before a suicide bomber opened more hostilities with Turkey. Diana Romanova, a Chechen, detonated her vest at a police station in Istanbul.  The authorities have photographs of her with ISIS insurgents. On January 25, ISIL sent out a video of the execution of Haruna Yukawa, a Japanese journalist. Instead of their original request of $200 million USD, they demanded the release of a ISIL member for Kenji Goto and Muath al-Kasasbeh, remember the last name. Not even one month into 2015 we already have a encylopedia worth of news about ISIL.

Creeping into the month of February, ISIL released the video of Muath al-Kasasbeh being burned alive while being enclosed in a cage. After this video went public, the entire nation of Jordan wanted blood. On February 4, King Abdullah II vowed a “relentless war” against ISIL after executing two ISIL insurgents that were meant for a prisoner swap. Soon after Jordan launched strikes in Iraq that killed 55 people including a senior commander. Since then, Jordan has continually airstrike Syria and suspected ISIL strongholds. February 7, the fourth and latest American was killed by ISIL. Her name was Kayla Mueller, a girl from Arizona. ISIL claimed she was killed by Jordanian airstrikes to try and spark a conflict.

Since then, there has been nothing but conflicts, bombings and deaths which is putting a dark cloud over Western Asia. If the powerful menace of ISIL is not contained now by world leaders, the world as we know it may be no longer the same. As of now ISIL currently controls hundreds of square miles. Its presence ranges from Syria’s Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad as they have no regard for international borders. This is not the only thing ISIL uses as leverage to dominate the third world. Their strategy for funding was extortion and robbery until recently it shifted to using large scale attacks to gain resources by capturing and holding territory. Unless we can halt the advancement of the invisible ISIL borders, the entire free world may be under the control of Islamic radicals.


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