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Killer Shrimp Really is “Killer”

Settled among many chain restaurants along the harbor, Killer Shrimp stands out because of its huge bright red sign and packed parking lot. The restaurant’s name is completely fitting – the shrimp is “killer,” which is why this place is always busy and always has a wait list. The restaurant’s interior is surprisingly trendy and upscale because of its lackluster exterior. There are round tables situated perfectly throughout the restaurant, big enough for large parties. Once you step onto the outside patio, the restaurant becomes immediately more romantic with stunning views of the Marina Del Rey harbor and Palos Verdes in the background. If the bar scene is more your type, don’t fret, they’ve got that too. The huge bar area includes a long bar, many small tables, giant flat screen TVs, and a patio area. The best part about the bar area is that, if there is a long wait, you can seat yourself in the bar area if there is an available table and can order anything you want, just like you would in the main dining area.

After the technologically savvy hostess texted us that our table was ready, we were ushered to our table and given sleek black menus with red font which seemed to match the vibrant sign that hangs in front. The menu does not consist of many choices, but when you go to Killer Shrimp your eyes should go directly to the shrimp section. You can get their famous shrimp in four different styles. There is the signature shrimp which you can get peeled or, as the waitress said, “DIY” style, you can get the signature shrimp with white rice, and finally a non-spicy option.

All four of us opted for their original shrimp unpeeled because it keeps the Shrimp juicier. Along with the shrimp dishes we ordered Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, a Caesar Salad, and a Mango Wedge Salad for starters. Though sparse, the salads were plentiful in taste. The Caesar salad was exceptionally tasty because of its lightly broiled lettuce and the Mango Wedge was just sweet enough to send your taste buds straight to the tropics. When my huge bowl of burnt red broth was placed in front of me, the smell engulfed me. The spices smelled so good that i could barely wait for the waitress to put the bowl down before devouring the shrimp. Along with the jumbo shrimp and spicy broth, you are given a whole basket of cut up baguettes to soak up that yummy broth.

This restaurant has easily made its way on to my favorites list. I am a huge fan of shrimp and a huge fan of spicy food, putting those two together, in my mind, was a home run. I highly suggest this restaurant to any one who likes these two components. Killer Shrimp provides some killer meals without killing your wallet. Dinners range from $17-$25.

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