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Lauren Gaston Scores a Goal with Mizzou

Our very own soccer star, Lauren Gaston, has signed to play with the Division I team of the University of Missouri on February 5th. Since she was 4-years-old Gaston has played with AYSO, and the Westside Breakers at GU-10. She has had the natural talent and skill to dribble her way across the field, scoring victories toward her future. Reflecting on her hard work throughout the years, which has landed her at a very pivotal and monumental point in her life, Gaston and I had a chat prior to her signing:

D.G.: “So how do you feel about your committing to University of Missouri?”

L.G.: “I’m happy because it was my top choice and it’s a relief to be done with the college process.”

D.G.: “What attracted you most about the school?”

L.G.: “I wanted a school that had a lot of school spirit and a focus on academics, all within a college town, and that school was Mizzou.”

D.G.: “What was going through your mind as you were signing your name on the dotted line?”

L.G.: “I was proud because everything that I hoped for was happening and everything that I had worked for paid off.”

D.G.: “I understand that Mizzou actually flew you out to visit their campus recently; what was that experience like?”

L.G.: “It was an amazing experience, mostly because I committed before even visiting, so actually being there was surreal, but exciting at the same time. I also really enjoyed the snow.”

D.G.: “Do you have any advice for student-athletes who aspire to sign with a D1 team?”

L.G.: “Work hard and have confidence in yourself.”

Coming from me, your friend, I am proud to have witnessed your growth from freshman year until now. You have had much success in all that you’ve put your mind towards and you’ve never let anything stand in the way of your goals. Keep up with your driven attitude and natural zeal for life because I know it’ll get you farther than you’ve ever imagined. We are all so very proud of you, Lauren! Congratulations!

Check out the Mizzou Soccer interview with our very own Lauren Gaston here!

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