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Mr. Comer: The Regina George of the Retreat

All of us “Generation Z” kids would universally agree that Mr. Comer, the Orange Team leader, bestows many of the qualities of Regina George from “Mean Girls”. Though he may not wear pink on Wednesday, he surely wore orange well at the All School Pacifica Retreat.

I think that nearly every student and teacher of every retreat color (even orange) would agree that they have been personally victimized by the ring leader of the retreat. Let’s not forget when he confidently bellowed to Karli Jo, “No one cares!”  because KJ was trying to stand up for her team. Or when he made his own “burn book” of posters around the school and a website to express his thoughts on the infamous chest bump between Green Team leader, Coach Shaw and Mrs. Kelsey.

Mr. Comer’s derisive behavior is nothing new. First hand accounts of the nightmares of not measuring up to Comer’s insanely high standards have been expressed from various ex-members of the Orange Team. Fearing for her life, an anonymous source remembers her time last year under the leadership of the Regina George doppelganger, and states that “…he was scary” and that the whole retreat she was “in constant fear of being singled out.” Did I mention that PTSD was discovered in many of the Orange Team alumni? It is too similar to how Regina treats the students of North Shore High School.

In all seriousness, Mr. Comer’s passion for the Orange Team brings the exuberance and spirit that transcends the All School Retreat to a new level. Senior Mariam Halaka, expresses how she loves that for “her final retreat” Mr. Comer “takes on a new personality” for the festivities. Personally, I think every retreat needs a Regina George!

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