Athletics — October 11, 2014 by Andrew Slate
October Blues

With a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 7th, the Dodgers are just 9 outs away from sending the series back to Los Angeles for the deciding game 5. On the mound for LA is the best pitcher in baseball period, Clayton Kershaw. Having given up only 1 hit through the first 6 innings, Kershaw looked like his normal, dominant self. Then all of a sudden, time sped up, and Cardinal players Matt Holliday and Jhonny Peralta hit singles consecutively to become the tying runs on base. Next thing I know Matt Adams is at the plate. Before I even have time to comprehend the situation, I hear a loud crack as Adams’ bat connects with the ball. Time that was just moving at a rapid pace had suddenly come to an abrupt, demoralizing halt. Three hundred and eighty three feet later, the ball carried itself up and over the right field fence at Busch stadium, giving the Cardinals a 3-2 lead, and effectively ending the Dodgers’ season on a warm, autumn night in St. Louis.

The loss came as such a disappointment, and such a shock because of how well the Dodgers had played up until that series, and up until that very pitch that Kershaw will regret for quite sometime. As the calendar flipped from June to July, followed by August and then to September, the Dodgers were playing better and better, making them a favorite to win the World Series.

The last regular season games were wrapping up as September was coming to a close, and the Dodgers were looking ahead, possibly too far ahead, to making a deep run in the playoffs.

The beginning of October was full of anticipation, optimism, and excitement for what was supposed to be a long month full of Dodger blue. However, the month of October would last only a week for the team, ultimately giving it and all of Dodger Nation the blues. Personally, I can’t even watch the rest of the playoffs because of the sheer disappointment I still feel, plus the fact that the Giants are heading back to the World Series for their 3rd time in 5 years, which actually gives me nausea (even more so than the pile of college apps I still have to finish).
This was “the team”, this was “the year” I kept telling myself, but it was all for not. With these things considered, it honestly has been a long month thus far, but for all the wrong reasons.

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