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Pacifica and It’s New Campus: St. Monica’s

As Pacifica continues to blossom into an amazing school full of intelligent students, one thing crosses all of our minds. Where will Pacifica go once this campus gets too small? Will we get a new campus by the freeway? Will we build a second school? To settle any of these rational thoughts, here is the answer. In the 2016-17 school year, Pacifica will combine forces with St. Monica Catholic School located on 1030 Lincoln Blvd. right here in Santa Monica. The two schools have come to an agreement on becoming the first major Christian high school powerhouse in Santa Monica.

Mr. Knight and Mrs. Crawford have been reaching out to the St. Monica’s administration since early 2012. Their plea has finally been heard and Mr. Kris Anderson, the Dean of Students, thought it would be an excellent idea. “This will be a great experience for all of the staff here at St. Monica’s High School,” in an excerpt from a letter to Mr. Knight. Starting in 2016, Pacifica and St. Monica’s will have around 840+ students currently enrolled. Although Pacifica will merge with the catholic school, we will still remain independent. St. Monica’s has began filing paperwork to build ‘Pacifica its own wing on campus with access to our school’s pre-existing functions.” This statement was taken from St. Monica’s blog in a short editorial by our future co-principal, Alex Chacon.

Now for all the current Pacifican athletes, don’t fret, St. Monica’s has 20 sports to choose from with varsity and junior varsity options. For many this will be exciting because our future will involve the introduction of a new sport, football. Football has been the talk around Pacifica for quite a while. The SM Athletics Department has agreed to let us use their facilities and help organize PCH’s first ever contact sport. Who knows, we may even develop a rivalry with the Mariners that will bring Pacifica deeper into the high school sports category.

Mr. Knight and Mrs. Crawford have come to an agreement with Mr. Anderson and Mr. Chacon that will lead to the successful merge of Pacifica and St. Monica’s. Pacifica solved their biggest worry about campus size. This will give us more kids, more education choices and a few more athletic additions. Even though PCH will be moving from its first home, our futures as well as Pacifica’s future will be writing a new chapter in its young story.


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