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Pacifica Teacher’s World Tour

Many students are looking forward to April 6th not because of spring break but  because that is when Pacifica’s chapel music leaders/ Pacifica teacher Mrs. Kim and Mr. Chmiel tickets are on sale for their World Tour this summer. To many peoples surprise Mrs. Kim and Mr. Chmiel were recently scouted by a nationally recognized music label who has already gotten them a Twitter fan following of 2,500,000.

Pacifica students had the honor to help name this duo’s band. The only input Mrs. Kim and Mr. Chmiel had was to incorporate math and Spanish in their band name. After weeks of debate and fighting between the students at Pacifica we all decided that math fanatic Mrs. Kim and Spanish speaking pro Mr. Chmiel will be called the √ ̅  (radical) Realidades.

Some students have been wondering what style music, √ ̅  Realidades World Tour will feature. I recently was able to talk with the duo: the two remark that the music will be an “infusion of soft samba and techno K-pop.” You may be on edge on how this will sound and after getting a sneak preview, I can vouch that this will be the new rage for 2015.

This past week, the Pacifica community was the first to find out who the opening band was. Mr. Chmiel jumped for joy when he found out that Nickel Creek will be opening for him. Mrs. Kim hopes that along the tour she will learn a few tips from Nickel Creek to bring to Chapel music in the 2015-2016 school year.

Many questions are already looming in our head for what is next for Pacifica’s on-the-rise stars and the word around is that they may be headlining at Coachella next year. We will just have to wait and see what is in store for √ ̅  Realidades. For now make sure you purchase your tickets for their summer world tour!



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