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Pajama Day and Krispy Kreme: Try Not to Fall Asleep!


Most Pacifica students would say that Homecoming week is always the most exciting five days at our high school. Each day has a different theme for students and faculty to dress up as, games to play, and occasionally yummy treats for everyone to share.

January 9th, 2014 was Pajama Day, a classic and re-occurring theme everyone enjoys, dressing up, or even rolling out of bed, in their pjs.  Senior, Jenny Elias shares that she “loves Pajama Day because all you do is wake up and go to school. [She doesn’t] see why some people don’t participate because it’s even easier than wearing a uniform, and you get to feel all warm and comfy all day!” There were many comfy and cozy outfits at school, but there were a few that stood out from all the rest. Senior Raymond Homsher captured everyone’s attention with his leopard pink onesie, Noemi Mejia looked the comfiest in her all red onesie, and sophomore Nick Rodriguez definitely looked right at home, walking around school in his blue pajamas and warm blanket.

Along with the excitement of wearing your favorite PJs to school, a girls vs boys volleyball game took place 45 minutes before lunch started. Since we do not have a football team, a lot of our attention and support goes towards our basketball and volleyball teams. Both of our volleyball teams are talented, and it was so intriguing watching our peers compete against each other. At the beginning, the boys took the lead, then eventually they tied, leaving everyone biting their nails. After a suspenseful rally, the girls scored two times in a row leaving the score 24-26, girls taking the victory.


When the game was over, everyone was still cheering and celebrating, unaware of the next surprise! As the gym doors opened, everyone who walked out faced a table filled with Krispy Kreme donuts to take; this only made the day better. Earlier in the week, teachers and students were given Diddy Reese cookies also in celebration of our Homecoming week. Opportunities such as these are only few of what make Pacifica enjoyable to attend. We are all so thankful for the effort that is put into this week and look forward to more Homecoming weeks!

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