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Review: El Cholo

Me llamo Jeff and I am a fan of Mexican food. With my Mexican heritage (most people don’t see it but it’s there) I have grown up around Mexican dishes and I can tell when a restaurant knows how to make a dish properly. With this in mind, El Cholo knows how make Mexican dishes properly.

After a swift seating at a table I ordered my usual drink, an Arnold Palmer, and perused the menu. The menu had all the major food groups: tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, the works. For the sake of simplicity I decided to order the combo #1: an enchilada, a taco, and some rice and beans.

The first thing to arrive was my Arnold Palmer which had just the right amount of lemonade and iced tea. As I enjoyed my drink and the complimentary chips and dip, the meal arrived, to my surprise. The surprise came in the form of a two square foot plate with plentiful rice and beans and, in relation to the rice and beans, a small taco and a small enchilada. The meal was quite delicious and I enjoyed every bite. The beans were cooked well, as was the rice, and the taco and enchilada were lovely and cheesy and melted away in my mouth.

I will return to El Cholo and I recommend that you go at least once as it is a worthwhile trip and an excellent meal. This is Jeff Jardine signing off.

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