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Senior Chapel

Every year one of the most anticipated chapels is Senior Chapel. For the underclassmen and juniors it often sends them wondering ‘what teacher will speak about me?’ or ‘how will I be remembered?’ For the seniors it is that moment where he/she is recognized and acknowledged for the various things they have accomplished to influence the teacher, student body, or PCH as a whole.

Senior chapel takes up nearly three chapels where the seniors sit in the front 3 rows and recall memories they have had with their peers over the past four years. Senior Chapel is easily classified as the most emotional chapel because it really is the moment where the beginning of the end is hitting every single member of the senior class. Ms. Kemble, who unfortunately won’t be at this year’s graduation and festivities because of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel, broke down in chapel, saying some of her final words: “It is hitting me this week that you guys are leaving me and I just wanted to say that I love you guys, each and every one of you, so much” Brittany Tucker, Dwayne Cox, and Kamren Khan all were touched deeply by Ms. Lillian, who is one of their favorite aspects of Pacifica, where she highlighted that Brittany is the “color pink and represents joy,” Kamren is the “epitome of gentlemanliness,” and that Dwayne is the “hero to [Ms. Lillian] in so many ways.” The memories these teachers highlighted do not just evoke nostalgia and emotion on these specific students, but really the whole class and student body.

While Senior Chapel is definitely tear jerking, happiness and laughing are the most prevalent emotions. Coach Kelsey, Mr. Chmiel, and Coach Brandon never fail to elicit laughter from the whole student body and faculty that emanates through the chapel. One memory in particular that stood out with everyone was Coach Kelsey remark on his time with Sam Syrett: ”I thought he had graduated two years ago and it seems like forever and that is only because of the braces… and was confused to how Sam had such good grades when Sam’s organizational skills seemed suited for a prison riot” which knowingly left the student body in hysterical, stomach-grabbing laughter. Along with Sam Syrett, was the closing of Senior Chapel with Roberto Vasquez who was spoken about by Mr. Chmiel. Mr. Chmiel remarked that Roberto is the “only student who in the same action can make [Mr. Chmiel] angry and make him laugh.”  The lighthearted humor that Senior Chapel creates paints a picture on the legacy that the Class of 2015 will leave. Whether that be Mariam Halaka’s vibrant humor, Jake Hilliard’s enthusiasm, or Brittany Lewis’ candor, the certain qualities in every senior were brought to light for all of Pacifica to reflect and remember.
Senior Chapel left a strong impact on the soon to be graduating class. Roberto Vasquez says he knows “he is ready for a new challenge but that Senior Chapel really made him realize how much he will miss Pacifica.” Roberto’s remark about his departure from Pacifica resonates deeply with the Class of 2015.  As the weeks dwindle down to days with Senior Chapel now over, the senior class realizes that their days at Pacifica are ending and the memories their teachers remark on during Senior Chapel will be what they hold forever when they enter graduation on June 12th.

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