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Senior Seawolves: A Take on the Last High School Volleyball Season

The final whistle screamed and the disappointing match against St. Paul High School ended with a loss. All 12 Pacifica players circled together red in the face, streaked with sweat, for the last huddle of the season. It was not an ideal way to lose quarter finals, especially after last season’s CIF victory. As the realization of defeat and finalization seemed to sink in, tears started rapidly running down the majority of the girls’ faces as Coach Julie Bennett encouraged them with her words one last time. “One, two, three…SEAWOLVES;” the girls pumped their hands through the air and immediately began embracing each other amidst heavy sobs.

With the end of the varsity volleyball season occurring only in quarter-finals of CIF, many wonder how the senior players on the team are handling the end of their high school volleyball careers. Seniors Maile Lane and Lindsey Knight discussed and reflected on the past season.  Despite the substantial defeat by the hands of St. Paul, Maile Lane believes “the [team] ended strong, even if it was a loss” because the team “played together and stayed together.”  Knight had a similar opinion claiming “…the team worked harder than ever and really came together…it would have been nice to continue in CIF, but I’m proud of the way we united as a team.”

Following the matter of the end of the season, the girls were asked if they have any regrets  looking back, or if they would have done anything differently in order to contribute more to the team’s success. Knight regrets “get[ing] nervous when [she] plays in games,” however Lane implied she has no regrets, answering with a simple “nope.”

A small contrast in the player’s answers occured when asked to reflect on their own experiences while on the 2014 girls varsity volleyball team, however both Lane and Knight agree that their experience departing from the team will be difficult. Knight admits that she will “miss spending time with the team,” while Lane similarly claims that she is “going through separation anxiety” that happens “every year” because “after seeing the [team] for two hours or more a day, not seeing them as much is very difficult.”

Both Lindsey and Maile plan on playing outside of school. Knight is debating “join[ing] an inter-varsity team in college” and Lane is committed to play “at Concordia University Irvine.” Clearly the hard work dedicated to having a successful season has forged a strong bond between the players and created an enthusiasm to continue a future in volleyball.


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