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Something Smells Delicious

Pacifica is full of many future entrepreneurs, but what if I told you that we have a small business owner in our midst? Maddie Reasner, a freshman has her own baking company called Thirteen. Her passion for baking began when her aunt had asked her to bake for her catering company,and  it was love at first ar sight. Maddie was thirteen. The young entrepreneur’s company was named after the age when she began to bake and for the baker’s dozen, a term used to reference the extra item a baker adds to a group of a dozen. Though her company is fairly new her company has already received some major some jobs.

Maddie was asked to be the sole baker of the Warner Avenue Elementary School’s Holiday Boutique. For the sale, Maddie made three hundred total items including: pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, snowflake cookies, shortbread, and butterscotch bars. It was only ten-thirty when everything had been sold and the time extent of the event was till four. Maddie rushed home and baked more goods and brought them back to finish the sale. The Holiday Boutique is what launched the Thirteen company, but Maddie’s baking has made a name for itself.

Maddie’s business allows her to not only pursue her passion, but she is able to give back to her community and the world. Her business was her way of raising money for the many efforts she is involved with. Maddie’s profits have helped to support local charities such as the Westside Pregnancy Clinic and Cloud and Fire (an organization that spreads the gospel to low income families). Along with local charities Maddie has also raised money to provide laptops to a community center in a Bunia Congo, and has traveled to Brazil on a medical mission.

Maddie is a business woman with a plan, she is not only doing something she enjoys, and she is helping not only her community, but her world as well. The next time you see her in the hallway put an order in for one of her delicious treats. You will not only be helping a classmate, but you’ll be giving your money to someone who will use it for a great cause. Maddie cooked her self up a nice resume that is worthy of the Seawolf Spotlight.

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