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Summertime with the Journalism Students

This summer, before I arrive on TCU’s campus to begin my freshman year of college, I will be attending a summer camp that TCU organizes each summer for incoming freshman. There are several different mini-camps to choose from, all of which have a different location. The destinations include places like Paris, Costa Rica, Colorado, New York and a few more. The one I’m choosing is called the “mystery location.” This means I won’t have any idea where I am going ahead of time. I will arrive at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport and from there I will go to some place in the United States, but beyond that I have no clue! The camps are meant to be a way for the incoming freshman to get familiar with one another before arriving on campus to start the school year, so I’m looking forward to it.
Andrew Slate

I will be graduating high school next week and then visiting my grandparents in Florida for the following week to say goodbye before I leave for college. I’ll then use the month of July to prepare for my big move to Temple University In Tokyo, Japan on August 18. I’ll visit friends as much as I can before I leave. I’ll also be sure to spend a lot of time with my parents before I go because they will not see me until Christmas. I’ll also be packing up all of my belongings and sorting through what I want to keep, pack, and throw away. This summer is just preparation for my move to college.
Lily Boland

With summer around the corner, it is time to decide what I’m going to do in my downtime. From June to August I will be spending time at hockey camps, basketball camps, street hockey, and swimming almost everyday. I will also be getting ready for my sophomore year by reading the assigned books, participating in the discussions, etc.. I think I will probably miss the repetitive schedule of school, but of course I will not miss the homework. I am very excited for summer and all of the perks.
Nick Linfesty

This summer I am going to Hawaii with my family. We go every summer because my family has a beach house there. I plan to spend a lot of time in the water, playing with my cousins and relaxing. The beach is very beautiful and picturesque. In the morning the water is calm and still, this is a great time to go snorkelling or paddle boarding. Throughout the day I go back and forth from boogie boarding and having fun in the water to hanging out with my cousins. We also have big dinners all together with family and friends that I really enjoy. I am definitely looking forward to summer.
Sophie Hosbein

This summer, I am flying to Denmark with my brother to attend an international summer school for the danish language. It is three weeks long and I will eat and sleep there, as well as go on many trips around the country with my classmates. Afterwards, I will visit my godmother in Switzerland and stay there for a week. I will then return to Denmark and explore the country further.
Sofia Rasmussen

This summer I will be both traveling and interning. On June 13th, I am taking a redeye, right after my ACT, into London with my mom. Over the next three weeks we will be traveling all throughout Scotland and Ireland, tracing our family tree and the homes of our ancestors. Then my mom and I will go through Wales, and on to the Netherlands, where we will meet my boyfriend and his mom in Amsterdam for another 5 days. After I return home I plan on immediately starting my internship. For the past 2 years I have been volunteering with Working With Autism, a foundation that helps educate children on the autistic scale, and improve their social skills to better integrate them into society and the world of employment. Although this is an unpaid internship, I am extremely honored to have such a privilege; WWA has never before allowed a minor to volunteer at the school itself. In between work days I hope to spend a copious amount of time on the beach and work on a tan. I’m depressingly pale.
Abigail Boyd

Usually, summers for me are full of relaxation, but this summer is the exact opposite. Right after school gets out I’m going to a two week filmmaking intensive at SOCAPA in Pasadena. After that, I hit the ground running making all the films I’m going to send to colleges, getting my production company up and running, doing SAT and subject test prep, and writing my college essays. I get to have a little R&R two weeks before schools starts when I go to a Taylor Swift concert and then hop on a plane to Naples, Florida. But over all, this summer’s gonna be a busy one.
Ciani Walker

For this summer, I have one trip planned to go to Bald Head Island off of North Carolina with my mother’s boyfriend and his family. I also plan on visiting a few summer camps in July. Other than that, I simply plan on staying home, seeing friends, and catching up on sleep this summer. Eventually I will start preparing for Sophomore year in August. I will also be reading my summer reading books.
John Apted

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