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The 2015 Oscars

With the 87th Academy Awards around the corner, the anticipation for the most talked about award show is building. Many of the top conversations revolve around the host, Neil Patrick Harris, movies that were snubbed, and the lack of diversity in the nominations.

Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Oscars for the first time on February 22nd. Harris has taunted us all with what he will bring to the table this coming Sunday. He remarks, “there will be a musical number at some point in the show and I’m a magician so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a hint of magic” (ET Online). After hosting the Tony Awards four times, I’m sure Harris will deliver a spectacular performance. Plenty of Pacificans are looking forward to his performance. Senior Victoria Chavez highlights that “[she] knows he will be great after his performance in Gone Girl and How I Met Your Mother.”

It is common every year that the Academy Award members disregard a highly praised film. This year it seems to be the film Selma where none of the performances of the actors were nominated. Having received a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes plenty would assume this film starring David Oyelowo would have more than two nominations. The Lego Movie is in the same boat as Selma. The fun animated film was arguably one of the most talked about movies in a long time. To many it came as a surprise when it did not receive a nomination for Best Animated Feature Film.

The lack of diversity in the Oscars’ nominations is uncanny. It is shocking that this year there are very few female directors, screenwriters, or cinematographers up for any nominations. Most shocking was Ava Duvernay, the director of Selma, who was just this year the first African American woman to be nominated for best director in the Golden Globes. The Academy gave her little to no recognition at all. If the Academy had given her the attention she deserved it would have been the first year that an African American woman was nominated in the best director category.

All in all the Academy Awards will be worth the wait with Neil Patrick as the host and plenty of amazing films up for nominations. February 22nd can not come fast enough!

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