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The California Incline: A Rebuilding Process

The Santa Monica California Incline leading onto the Pacific Coast Highway will be under construction for the next year or so. The general goal of the project is to replace the bridge of the Incline with a new one that is built to fit the current seismic standards, so that bigger vehicles can drive up and down it without fear of its collapse

The overview is simple. The city will destroy the current bridge and replace it with a new one in the same location. This new bridge will contain a larger sidewalk and bike lanes for pedestrians. The new bridge will remain a 3 lane roadway that ends at an intersection marked with stoplights, just as it was before. The new bridge will get a pile of reinforced concrete slab structure with an approximate width of 52 feet, and an increase of about 5 ft 8 inches over the current structure. The benefits of the project are to make the incline bridge safer for pedestrians and larger cars.

So what does this mean for Pacifica students? The closing of the Incline means that the various number of students who live in the Palisades and Malibu area will have to change their way to school. Also, those who are traveling down that way will have to take a different route onto the Pacific Coast Highway. The route I have been taking on my way to school has been to take 20th street up to Wilshire Blvd, but one could also go up Moomat Ahiko way or even Lincoln through the PCH. For the next year, at least for me, getting to school may be a bit tougher than usual.

Like most people thought, this closing of the incline has brought about a ton of new traffic around Los Angeles. It has added on to the already construction heavy Pacific Coast Highway (there has been construction of a new sewer plant for the last year or so leading up to this project). After speaking to a few representatives of the Los Angeles Government, I was able to find out that this project will be lasting almost 1 year, but unlike most projects, this one will be done in good time (the other project being done on the PCH, in contrast, has recently extended their end time another 2 months from April 30th to June 30th). In the end, this project will benefit the city of Santa Monica,
Even though most of us may struggle with the changes at first, I firmly believe that the project is for the better, and that we could be seeing a better Santa Monica in the near future.

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