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The Class of 2015

With nearly fifty days left till graduation on June 12th, the anticipation is building. In the midst of the buzz and anticipation for graduation many of the seniors are still picking their home for the next four years. To many people’s surprise, a large percentage of the class of 2015 are leaving the golden state for a new demographic. This year has one of the widest array of different type of schools that the seniors are choosing from.

There are a good chunk of the seniors leaving the comfort of California for seasons and a new environment. Andrew Slate (Texas Christian University), Charlie Riley (Tulane University), and Evan Solomon (Tulane University) will be taking their studies to the south. While Emma Miller (University of Puget Sound) is residing in Washington and recalls how she can’t wait to see  “the seasons to change for the first time.” A good chunk of the seniors are planning on attending college in America’s heartland:  Emma Register (Denison University), Jake Hilliard (Ohio State), Victoria Chavez (Ohio Wesleyan), and Roberto Vasquez (Kenyon College) are all planning on residing in Ohio for the next four years. Bella Heshmatpour (Barnard College) is looking forward to taking classes at Columbia’s sister school in New York.  Lily Boland is not venturing just outside of California, but even from the United States to Japan where she will study at Temple University’s Japan Campus. Lily recalled that she just “bought her one way ticket” and is looking forward to meeting the new students at her college.

While plenty are leaving their Southern California home, there is still a plethora of the seniors who plan to reside in California for the next four years. Lindsey Knight isn’t going too far from home as she is attending UCLA which is also her parents alma mater. Natalie Rodriguez committed last week to Cal State Channel Islands where she plans to study nursing. Close friends Brittany Lewis and Jasmine Larson are attending Cal State Northridge, where they plan to room together. Maile Lane has known for nearly her whole senior year her plan to attend Concordia University in Irvine, where she will bring her volleyball skills for her college career. Hannah Stanford is leaving Pacifica with excitement as she is attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

The 2015 Seniors will be populating all over California, the country, and also internationally. The small class of around fifty students will leave their mark at Pacifica in the coming months but they are delivering the Pacifica values like conviction, curiosity, and character around the state, country, and world.

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