On Campus — December 20, 2013 by Graeme Belzer
The French Toast Revolution

Whoever said the signature mark of the holidays was a Santa cookie, clearly never witnessed a Pacifica Pancake breakfast. Yes, just last week the air was filled with the tantalizing smells of maple syrup and gluten filled goodness, ushered the Pacifica student body to the courtyard for a yearly morning breakfast. Yet this wasn’t just your run in the mill pancake carbon session; think Marie Antoinette meets George Washington, a rather subtle blend of French flavor with an American classic. And with two of our schools most stove top savvy leaders at the helm, it truly was an event like no other.

Taking on the role of Top Chef, Mr. Knight mass-produced all the homemade flapjacks sold at the event. Everyone from freshmen to seniors was there, hungry. The look alone of these delicious morsels was really all it took to excite frenzy amongst the crowd’s food lovers. Their light-as-air interior accompanied by a golden brown exterior, created a food network worthy presentation. And apart from these heart stopping hot cakes, the buffet table also boasted a high volume of Parisian inspired breakfast treats.

Emily Skoog, staying true to her European roots, contributed a classic French breakfast pastry. Her homemade crepe, made even better by the accompaniment of chocolate sauce and strawberries, was by far the crowd favorite. The chef, in addition to providing the student body with top-notch cuisine, took time to create two very special creations for best friends and birthday girls Chelsea Augustine and Abby Lauten. This neophyte pastry wiz seems to posses not only a discerning sweet tooth but also a sweetheart to match.

So it seems that despite France’s and America’s proclivity towards political friction, the two continents were at least able to compromise on the things that matter most in life, A.K.A mind-blowingly good food. Gone are the days of having to choose; now one can have their pancake and eat a crepe too.

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