Athletics — December 20, 2013 by Graeme Belzer
Tis The Season For B-Ball

New Years is fast approaching, and with the calendar transitions comes an even bigger transition within Pacifica’s Athletics department. Though they will be missed, both the soccer and volleyball teams will now be taking a back seat to their winter counterparts. Yes, basketball season has officially commenced, and with Mr. Kelsey as full-forced as ever, there’s no question of how this year’s squad will perform.

Coach Kelsey basically made it quite clear that both the guys and girls teams have strengths that would make even the most talented opponents tremble. The girl’s league has both “speed” and a pretty significant “height” their side. And these skills are made even more deadly due to the fact all the girls on the team this year are all returning players, and their “experience” built up in “the last three years has made them one cohesive unit.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the guy’s team seems to possess talents polar to those of their female counterparts. With only one returning senior this year, there is now room for new blood. According to Coach Kelsey, the “new additions of Becker and Luke” are sure to provide the team with an entire stock of formerly untapped advantages.

No matter what ability each gender might have over the other, they are both open to high levels of praise. Both teams will be attending the Max Preps National Tournament in Palm Springs the day after Christmas, and with the way they’ve been practicing, the only logical outcome is total victory.

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