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Tuesday: The Beginning of Homecoming


While most students are hitting the snooze button, the Pacifica student body is wide awake and ready for action. Starting the new year off with a bang, Tuesday marked the first day of Spirit Week festivities. And there really is no better remedy for the post-vacation cobwebs than some cookies and a little healthy competition.

Say “Hasta La Vista, baby” to the regular Pacifica uniform and hello to homemade costumes! Yesterday, the first Homecoming Day of the week, was dress up as your favorite Disney or cartoon character day.

A huge majority of the school participated in the fantasy fun, dressing up as characters like the adventurous Kim Possible (Karli Jo List), Sandy and Danny from Grease (Aleksa Harris and Raymond Homsher), and The Terminator (Dwayne Cox).

Teachers also dressed up; Ms. Kemble, of course, appeared in a Harry Potter Snuggie with a wand and everything, Ms. Kim was a Hobbit, and Mr. Silva was Aladdin or Moses (the world will never know which one).

Winning seemed to be the reigning theme of the the Spirit Week kickoff. Apart from seeing the eager faces of this year’s freshman and sophomore homecoming court, there was also great attention being paid to the teachers vs. student basketball game. And despite Ms. Kim’s graceful fall and Mr. Silva’s Moroccan inspired attire, the teachers still came out on top. All in all, it was a very good beginning to a excitement filled week.

Diddy Riese cookies, possibly the most delicious and warm cookies on the planet, were handed (more like taken by Pacificans) out to students after the intense basketball game and long-awaited announcement of the freshman and sophomore Homecoming court. The freshmen winners were Tinna Einarsdottir and Blake Lewis. The sophomores followed with Georgia Twersky and Dylan Kruger stealing the crown. Junior boys Tim McCartney, Jake Hilliard, and Roberto Vasquez took their rightful places on the throne next to Junior girls Imani Morris, Lindsey Knight, and Monica Halaka. And last but certainly not least the senior nominees were Katie Silva, Isabella Pando, Ashley Salazar, Kyle Barnes-Luna, Andrew Sumida, and Stetson Baber.

Judging by yesterday’s opening ceremony, one can only imagine what will happen next. Perhaps pie and whipped cream might be involved!

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