On Campus — December 17, 2013 by Kaylee Glenney
What Is Love?

With all of the broken relationships we see in the media, I think we’ve all been asking ourselves the same question lately. If you aren’t, allow me to pose the same question Haddaway asked in the 1990s: what is love? The administration here at Pacifica Christian High School chose a theme for this school year and no surprise they chose love, a big part of the school’s identity. Pacifica has been known not only for its excellence in education, but the loving and supporting community the students and teachers have created. We experience this sense of love every day but have not stopped to think about what it is and how truly special it is.

In recent chapels, we have gotten to hear many teachers such as Mr. Kirchner, Ms. Kemble, and many others speak to us about their life experiences. Students had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Comer speak about “loving the Leahs in our lives.” He encouraged us to love all people to the best of their ability regardless of who they are, where they come from, and what they have done.

These moments are one of the very few times we can take a break from the stresses of homework and tests to reflect on how we may love others and receive love better. It is moments like these that bring us together as a school and bring us closer physically (if you haven’t noticed our school is pretty small), emotionally, and spiritually. These chapel sessions set the school far apart from any other school in the L.A. area.

Pacifica Christian is uniquely filled with students who, unlike many schools, genuinely love and enjoy each other. As Maddie Reasner put it, “Pacifica is a special place. It is one of the only schools I’ve seen that has so many loving students and teachers.” These relationships are what make this school so unique. The theme of love has already had its impact on the school in the few months it has been in session. The administration hopes to see it grow even more as the school year continues and the seniors get ready to set off for college.

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