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Where Is Everyone? Homecoming, Day Two


Camouflaged in a foliage of green, only a few flowers blossomed the surface of individuality. Sporting their brown, black, beige, and green, these daredevils of the fashion world took on a role that would forever mark their spot in Camouflage Day history.

Imagine yourself passing through the gates of Pacifica and entering a forest of green. And not our usual Kelly green, but a deeper, more blended shade. As you zoom in closer with your binoculars, you begin to notice that not everything is quite how it seems. You soon observe different styles and textures, realizing everything you see is not the same; some outfits exude creativity.

The first person you see goes by the name of Ashley Salazar. She effortlessly pulls off a camouflaged jumpsuit, accessorised with a matching headband and solid brown combat boots. #yasssashley

Fellow senior, Cameron Coll, makes a memorable, yet patriotic fashion statement with his authentic army uniform.  Wearing it with pride, not only does he appeal to the day’s theme, but he also gives us a preview of his future career.

But the fun doesn’t fun doesn’t end with the clothes. The most anticipated event of the day involves flinging pies at teachers, most notably, Miss Kim and Mrs. Yoon. With laughter in the air and whipped cream on the ground, nothing can stand in the way of this universal joy. A few feet over is a line longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage positioned in front of the Rounds Premium Burgers food truck. They serve quality burgers with freshly cut fries at interesting prices. At this point, no one wants lunch to end, especially since this is the first time they’d ever found decent food in the forest.

As dusk graces the forest with its presence, you look back with heartbreak knowing that the day is over. Placing your binoculars back in your backpack, you long to stay behind because you feel a desire to stand out in the jungle of similarity. You are inspired. Being normal is no longer an option.

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